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What's this then?

xBSD.net is a private site owned by Sven Esbjerg. It has no affiliation with any of the official BSD groups. I am however a great fan of BSD Operating Systems. I bought this domain to use for my personal mail and my homepage.

What is BSD? BSD is Berkely Standard Distribution which was Berkely University's enhancenments to AT&T Unix. This distrubution became independent of AT&T after a legal dispute. This has lead to some commercial distributions of Unix and BSD and some free versions of BSD. The BSD's I use are the free ones namely FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.
The BSD distributions are covered by a very liberal license. It basicly states that you can freely redistribute and modify both sourcecode and binaries. However, you have to pay respect to the original authors in your product by including the copyright notice.

You can download or install BSD directly from the net. You can also support the projects by buying CD/DVD's with a distribution. I recommend that you try it. If you like and use it a lot why not support the BSD teams? Buy CD's or buy some T-shirts, coffee mugs or whatever you want. Remember that these people supply you with free quality software!